Cobb Osteotome

11″ (28.0 cm)Cobb Osteotome is ideally suited for use in neurosurgical procedures such as craniotomies. This osteotome can be used to do things such as create a window in the skull to allow access inside or to scrape or carve away at bone to reshape it. Additionally this instrument features a large, cylindrical handle with micro-serrations for added griping as well as a neck piece from which the blade extends making it firmly built. This instrument is available in seven sizes ranging from 6.0 mm to 32.0 mm and in either a curved or straight profile making it well suited for a number of diverse patient needs and surgeon preferences.

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Name Cobb Osteotome
Lead Time 0-3 days
Specialty Neuro, Ortho & Spine-Osteotomes
Material Finish Stainless Steel
Grade Premium Operating Room
Units of Measurement Each
Sterility Non-Sterile
Usage Reusable