End Cutter – Double Spring, Large, Tungsten Carbide

tungsten carbide jaws, double-action, maximum capacity 3?32″ (2.5mm), 8-1/2″ (21.6 cm) End Cutter is a unique instrument designed for cutting of surgical pins or wire. Many orthopedic and neurosurgical spinal procedures require the use of such stabilization accessories to prevent trauma during recovery and confer additionally stability. This instrument is particularly well suited for end cutting which allows it to be made flush with the edge of bone or other tissue ares where it is being used. Additionally this end cutter is double-action and features tungsten carbide jaws with a maximum capacity of 3/32″.

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Name End Cutter – Double Spring, Large, Tungsten Carbide
Lead Time 0-3 days
Specialty Neuro, Ortho & Spine-Wire/Pin Cutters & Pliers
Material Finish Stainless Steel/Tungsten Carbide
Grade Premium Operating Room
Units of Measurement Each
Sterility Non-Sterile
Usage Reusable