Iris Scissors – Supercut

Iris Scissors – Supercut


Iris Scissors were first designed for the intricacies demanded by ophthalmic surgery but today these fine, sharp scissors can be used in other contexts where precision is required. They are short and come together in an extremely sharp point, making them ideal for fine, detailed work in small areas. These scissors are used widely in ophthalmology, as well as in the emergency room for a variety of medical tasks, including suturing and dissection. The CANDID ENTERPRISES Iris Scissor is available in two lengths and with a straight or curved tip. Supercut scissors are designed to provide the surgeon with maximum control. These scissors feature specially-designed razor sharp upper blade edges to cut effortlessly and cleanly through dense or delicate tissue, have diamond-cut micro-serrations on the lower blade to grip tissue and prevent slippage, and feature black-coated handles.

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Name Iris Scissors – Supercut
Lead Time Lead time advised within 48 hours of order placement.
Competitor ;120400;12-0400;ASIM120020;202.20.10;2022010;802010;80-2010;PR803-R;PR803R;20220-10;ASIM120021;3713005;202.21.10;2022110;852011;85-2011;20221-10;BC900R;OP5530S;OP5530-S;102130;102-130;PM6815;PM-6815;MDS0734312;5SC304;5-SC-304;212.20.11;2122011;852013;85-2013;324706;45-8990;KM35454;458990;20220-11;BC901R;OP5540S;OP5540-S;VM670113;VM67-0113;030666;030-666;102131;102-131;P6816;PM6816;PM-6816;1102111;11-021-11;110211107;11-021-11-07;MDS0734110;802011;80-2011;852015;85-2015;32-6705;45-8992;86-2111;B55705;PR804-R;326705;458992;862111;PR804R;20221-11;20220-10_20221-11;
Specialty General Instruments-Supercut Scissors
Material Finish Stainless Steel/Supercut
Grade Premium Operating Room
Units of Measurement Each
Sterility Non-Sterile
Usage Reusable