Taylor Spinal Retractor

6-3/4″ (17.0 cm)Taylor Spinal Retractor is an instrument ideally suited for neurosurgical procedures requiring retraction of the spine. This retractor features a curved hook shape for grasping at the spine and an L-shaped handle that allows optimal control over the pressure and force being applied. This instrument is crafted for use in keeping the surgical field during spinal surgery open and accessible. This instrument is available in two different sizes making it easy to find a piece that is suitable for that specific surgical procedures and any surgeon preference.

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Name Taylor Spinal Retractor
Lead Time 0-3 days
Competitor ;BT501R;NL9401004;NL9401-004;VM842186;VM84-2186;290180;290-180;RN2320;501053;50-1053;501085;50-1085;575407;57-5407;000448;00044800000;5754-07;BT502R;NL9401006;NL9401-006;VM842189;VM84-2189;290181;290-181;RN2321;235731607;23-573-16-07;501086;50-1086;575410;57-5410;000449;00044900000;5754-10;5754-07_5754-10;
Specialty Neuro, Ortho & Spine-Retractors
Material Finish Stainless Steel
Grade Premium Operating Room
Units of Measurement Each
Sterility Non-Sterile
Usage Reusable