Tissue Forceps – Fenestrated Handles

Lightweight, fenestrated handles, straight tips, 7×7 teeth, 4-3/4″ (12.0 cm)

Brown-Adson Tissue Forceps are handcrafted from surgical grade German stainless steel and used to handle tissue with minimal trauma during operations. Designed with straight tips and 7×7 or 9×9 teeth or angled tips with 9×9 teeth. This instrument is the standard tissue forceps and can be used in a wide variety of procedures.

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Name Brown-Adson Tissue Forceps
Lead Time 0-3 days
Competitor ;BD700R;AC6124;AC6-124;SU2504;SA2504;SU2504A;SWU2504;66455;301189;30-1189;3740039;27488;PM6125;PM-6125;124001207;12-400-12-07;MDS1018812;16124XL;1-6124XL;6124;6-124;20895;062512;06-2512;223682;MDS1018812F;MH6-124;N5420;MH6124;0625-12;129260;130260;129-260;130-260;533212;471447;47-1447;181235;18-1235;43-1-775;P6125;431775;0625-15;130270;130-270;PM6126;PM-6126;062572;06-2572;0625-72;0625-12_0625-72;
Specialty General Instruments-Thumb Forceps – Dressing & Tissue
Material Finish Stainless Steel
Grade Premium Operating Room
Units of Measurement Each
Sterility Non-Sterile
Usage Reusable